About Me

Well, hello there and thanks for stopping by! Pull up a stool, grab a cookie, and make yourself at home. 
I'm Amy, a Chicago area writer, cook, wife to Mufasa the Fly Hunter, and mother to 3 little ragamuffins, who for the purposes of this blog are known as Looly (7), Bean (5), and Roo (5). With multiple family health concerns related to eating (food allergies, eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), oral motor and sensory delays, food aversion, hyper-sensitive gag reflex, and diabetes), it's my job to put safe, healthy, delicious food on the table. That's the easy part. Motivating the troops to eat it is where I require lots of creativity. And plenty of wine.
When I'm not wiping noses or whipping up Egg Replacer in the kitchen, you can find me getting my butt kicked by Beach Body's Insanity Workouts, taking photos, scribbling away in my trusty notebook, steaming artichokes, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, or perusing a vast cookbook library that's showing no signs of slowing its growth for our next great dinner.

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