Friday, February 5, 2010

6 Week Challenge

Roo had a weight check this morning at his pediatrician's office. While his doctor might have been slightly less than enthused at his gaining 5 ounces in the past 2 months, I was ecstatic. The little guys tipped the scales at a whopping 19 pounds, 15 dangerously close to 20 pounds I let out a whoop and raised my hand to high-five the nurse right before she furrowed her brow to let me know this was not what we were hoping to see.

Fortunately I wasn't the only one who embarrassed myself. Bean wailed hysterically throughout the entire appointment despite the fact that she didn't even need to get undressed.

Roo was a great sport but as soon as we were out of there he proceeded to fill his diaper with what surely constituted more than a few ounces. I didn't care. It was in him at one point and my boy might hit 20 pounds before he turns two. Rock on, Roo. Rock on.

His next appointment is with the GI specialist on March 12. The official plan is to continue to keep him off all the dairy, eggs, nuts, and beef, and to work on his food aversion as we've been doing for the past couple of weeks. We're all anxious to see this magical catch-up growth everyone keeps talking about. We have six weeks to bulk him up and really wow his EoE team at Children's Memorial. I'm game. I hope he is too.

Despite all the good news we did have one minor setback this week. We have these fancy European Stokke highchairs because they were the only type we could fit three of at our kitchen table back when all of the kids needed them. Anyway, they feature a removable plastic rail for babies and we've been a bit lazy about removing them. Lately both the twins have taken to climbing into their chairs on their own using the plastic rail to hoist themselves up. It's a precarious maneuver for sure but the physical challenge seemed to make them happy to come to the table so we let it slide. Yesterday, Roo had an accident. While climbing into Bean's chair he got one foot stuck in the straps, lost his grip, and you can imagine the rest. Major tear-fest that ended with the regurgitated contents of his stomach on our kitchen floor. So, off come the rails. My babies are growing up, even if they're not exactly "growing".

And this weekend...big kids beds. Wish us luck.

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