Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preschool Nirvana

Today was parent-child work day at Looly's school.  I got to stay with her after drop off and she got to teach me how to do all of the work she does each day.  Now excuse my gush.  After all, Roo gets most of the space here so how about a shout out for my big girl, right? 

Looly goes to a small Montessori school for all you locals who might want to check it out) with just one primary classroom  for kids age 3-6 and one toddler room for two-year-olds.  The teachers are amazing and somehow manage to have 25 kids working quietly, happily, and independently throughout the room on different tasks at any given time.  The children are so sweet and respectful to each other.  The room is airy and sunlit even on the grayest of days.  There's always the scent of fresh baked nut-free muffins or cookies wafting from the kitchen and the walls reverberate the soft giggly murmur of preschoolers discussing their work. 

Looly couldn't wait to show me everything from her pink coat hanger to the soap dispenser in the bathroom.  She was distraught momentarily as I didn't have indoor shoes to change into but eventually she let it slide when I pointed out that none of the adults had changed shoes.  She made sure that I greeted all of the children and her teachers by name and reminded me to do so when I accidentally forgot someone.  My face-burying leg clinger from long ago is now little miss manners spreading good mornings, waves, and smiles to the world.  So proud. 

When it was time to work she gathered her supplies and set up her own paints and water to paint a pig.  After laying her picture to dry and thoroughly cleaning her table, she cut patterns in paper.  We colored an Easter egg together and practiced writing numbers on a chalk board.  Perhaps most impressively,she read a bag full of words to me.  No pictures, no rote memorization - these were straight up type written words on plain white cards and she was sounding them out.  She's only three and a half!  Hot, not, got, lost, and rock, just to name a few.  Last we had a lovely breakfast together with her friends and some of the other parents.  She cleared plates for both of us like a proper hostess.  I have to admit I was sad to say goodbye but Looly was more than ready to get rid of me.  Because after me, it was Mufasa's turn.  Daddy!

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