Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EE strikes again?

Roo had his annual GI check-up today and in all my naivete I was considering it a non-event.  I was planning to blog about how his EoE is under control, he's eating a wider variety of foods, starting to gain weight here and there, doing great.  Right? 

His original GI doctor moved away this spring.  Then, I found out his allergist is no longer at the hospital we use.  So today we met with a wonderful nurse practitioner we saw once last year, a new doctor, a nutritionist, who, no offense intended, but I could give suggestions for increasing caloric intake at this point, and no allergist.  I would love to be witty about the appointment but I just don't have it in me.

Roo needs another scope to check up on his EoE.  That wasn't a surprise.  The part I did find surprising, was the new doctor berating me for reintroducing dairy.  The new doctor is convinced that Roo's allergy cells are back and that the premature reintroduction of dairy is to blame.  Did I mention that it was a flipping GI specialist in the very same hospital who told me to give him dairy back in April!  This is not a huge department.  Given the fact that the new doctor is the department head I'm guessing doctor number two, who told me to put dairy back into the diet, is about to get a workplace whooping.  Unfortunately it still doesn't make me feel any better. 

New doctor argues that the evidence is clear - Roo isn't growing or gaining weight according to the chart, his appetite is meager at best, he vomits, wakes at night, and still seems uncomfortable at times.  Well, I'm not convinced.  He was absolutely, exactly the same when he was NOT eating dairy.  And thank goodness for the blog for giving me a documented history of what he was doing while he was off dairy, namely, vomiting, not eating much, not gaining weight, and waking up at night.  Just like now.  The kid has an oral delay.  He gags.  He has reflux too but let's save that story for another day. 

Ugh, I am so frustrated.  The thought of taking him off dairy again, and this time for longer, makes me want to puke myself.  Maybe the kid just won't eat because his diet gets completely revamped every few months.  I just got him to tolerate some nice buttery, creamy, lusciously high-calorie foods.  Either way, the scope won't lie.  Here's hoping I'm right.


  1. How frustrating... when is the scope? And why no allergist for this appointment? It seems like the allergist's opinion is an important piece of the puzzle. Sorry the appointment did not go better :(

  2. Yeah - I feel like the EE "team" is falling apart. We'll have to find a new allergist b/c there' nobody on the EE team anymore. The scope is scheduled for this Tuesday so I hope we'll know about dairy by the end of the week. Wish us luck. It's not major surgery but I still hate putting Rohan through the ordeal...