Monday, February 7, 2011

Roid Rage?

Roo's been taking his Budesonide-raspberry sorbetto slurry two times a day for just over a week.  The first few days were bad - vomiting, crying, food refusal, the gamut.  The next few days were a little better, meaning, he didn't vomit.  A couple of times in there he even acted ravenous.  Then, yesterday he was back to his old tricks.  He didn't eat much, just wanted to sit and suck his thumb.  He did not vomit but he did give us the old shivery-faced pucker that usually indicates he's about to spew after taking a bite of something that's not agreeing with him.  In this case it was chicken, one of his usual favorites.   

Then there's the part where he's become sulky and angry, throwing things both generally and at human targets, insomnia - his, and as a result, ours.  Oh, and plenty of blatant disobedience.  It's unclear whether he's experiencing some sort of toddler Roid Rage or if he's just being a 2.5-year-old boy who had 4 days off from school last week.  Either way it's out of character and I won't be sorry to see this phase end.  Soon. 

This course of steroids will last 8 weeks and then he'll get another scope to determine whether or not it worked.  Of course, I've been scouring the Internet - always a highly recommended activity when attempting to self-diagnose - and it appears as though many (most?  all?) EoE sufferers who respond to the Budesonide treatment respond fully within 2 weeks.  Fingers crossed.


  1. It's been a few days since you posted this, how's he doing now? Thinking of you!!

  2. He's still pretty nuts but if the medicine is working it will be worth it. He's driving me a little batty too. This week he's flooded 2 bathrooms, hit me in the face, and thrown my iPhone in a snowbank. At least we have official confirmation that the steroids "could" be to blame :-)