Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warming Up

After more than a week without heat, we've finally ditched the layers and freed ourselves from a fixed family huddle around the gas fireplace.  For several days we rarely left the confines of the five by eight foot rug directly in front of our sole heat source.  We played board games, held concerts, read books, had "picnics" and did periodic jumping jacks to keep warm, while outside temperatures hovered in the low 30's.  It actually wasn't all bad, especially for Looly Ingalls Wilder.  She enjoyed the snuggle time and imagining just how cold that Long Winter really must have been for Laura, Mary, Carrie, and the gang.  In any event, the boiler is rolling again and the kids are down to one pair of pajamas at night. 

Oddly, the deep freeze seems to have agreed with Roo.  He's been vomit-free for over a week and has eaten surprisingly well.  Well, maybe not well in the traditional sense of the word, but not bad for him...few bites of breakfast, fine lunch, adequate dinner and a little milk for consecutive days.  A good day is always good but I sort of hate when this happens because it starts to get my hopes up that he could maybe, possibly, perhaps, just the tiniest bit be improving.  But, we've had these happy spells before so I'm not holding my breath for any miracles.  But I am trying to enjoy the good days while they're here.  With the next scope fast approaching, they won't last long.  April 15.  Mark your calendars.

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