Saturday, July 16, 2011

Molars and more

Roo is back at speech therapy.  We've been fortunate to squeeze him in for one visit per month for now, down from the once a week standing appointment he used to have.  After a lengthy letter writing campaign from our Pediatrician, GI team, ENT, and our Speech Therapist, Cigna has agreed to cover Roo's feeding therapy after all.

All I'm going to say is this: Hey, thanks, Cigna, for coming around and seeing the light and not making us retroactively responsible for several thousands of dollars in therapy fees, but next time, it would be super helpful if we didn't have to cancel all our upcoming appointments and revisit the waiting list while you sort your sh*t out.  Now we fight to get him back on the regular schedule. 

In other oral news, Roo is finally getting his two-year molars.  One is through the gums, one is visible and starting to poke through.  The two on top are yet to come.  Yes, he'll be three and a half in September, my little late bloomer.  At least now we know he has more teeth.

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