Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer break

In the event that anyone is still out there reading this after my 2 month hiatus, I'm still here.

I've received a few concerned phone calls and emails asking if things are either really really good or really really bad with Roo and if that's why I've been MIA for a while.  So to clear up any doubt, things are neither terrible nor great with us, mostly status quo, in fact.  It's just, the kids are on summer break.  And I've been trying to work out.  And honestly, that's about all I seem to be able to handle on top of the day to day.  

It's pathetic and perhaps selfish too, but I'm in a good workout groove and I'd like to stay here for while.  The downside of course, is that after warning the children repeatedly to interrupt me only in the event of a true emergency while I work out, then requesting further compliance so I can squeeze in a shower, it just seems terribly unfair (and unrealistic) to expect them to leave me alone for another half hour so I can answer emails and update the blog.  So I haven't.

What we have been doing instead is our own version of summer school, or as they dubbed it, "Mama School".  We're covering all kinds of topics from Spanish language to circuit training.  Turns out 3 and 5-year-olds are wired for circuits.  They adore 30 second intervals.  It goes something like this:

30 seconds each
  • Frog jumps
  • Sprint around cones
  • Jumping jacks
  • Crab walk
  • Forward rolls
  • Rest/water break
  • Do it again
Don't worry, I'm not a drill sergeant.  We're having fun in plenty of other ways too.  Pool trips, playground, art projects, nutrition lessons and cooking class (strawberry picking followed by strawberry fruit leather making was a big hit), Simon Says in Spanish, etc., etc. We're trying something new every day and for the most part everyone seems pretty happy.  Love summer.

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