Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meyer Lemons

Inspired by the sunshiny springlike weather we've been having, I picked up a few Meyer lemons at the grocery store this week. Bean, Looly, and Roo always enjoy squeezing regular lemon over chicken, fish, broccoli, couscous, just about anything really, and we've made fresh lemonade many times. Bean in particular loves chomping on lemon wedges for a snack. Aside from the weakening tooth enamel, it's all good.  I did the same thing when I was her age. Maybe that's why I have so many fillings?

The munchkins hadn't tried Meyer lemons before. We took a few outside for a Sid the Science Kid-type investigation. My little scientists concluded that:

Meyer lemons are "oranger" than regular lemons.

 They are not quite as sour as regular lemons, but still make us pucker.

They are great for funny faces!

Overall the Meyer lemon experiment was a success. The Meyer Lemon Risotto I made for dinner, however, was not nearly as popular as the fresh fruit. Personally I thought it was fabulous, creamy, tangy, and satisfying. Somewhat surprisingly, Looly, who is typically my hardest sell, devoured hers, but Bean and Roo weren't having it. Mufasa humored me with a few bites before reheating some take-out chicken fried rice instead. In any event, here is the culmination of 45 minutes of stirring at the stove.


  1. For the record, Mufasa did more than have a few bites...he emptied the serving pictured a the bottom of the blog.

  2. I would have gladly eaten a big bowl - it looks delish!

  3. Thanks! It was good. And M did technically finish at least the few tablespoons pictured above. :)