Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goldilocks finds her Apron

When you're 5 (or 35), a large part of kitchen success centers on wearing a cute apron.

All aprons are not created equal.  Some droop low and gape at the chest leaving flour and chicken stock to trickle down your shirt. Some hike up high on the clavicles, never resting comfortably against a necklace or collar.  Others are made of flimsy fabric that provides little protection to cashmere against an assault of stewed tomatoes. Too long, not long enough, too plain, too ruffly, too stiff, and someone please tell me, what is the purpose of a half-apron in the kitchen?

Then there are the ties. Listen up, apron makers of the world, apron strings must be sewn to tie comfortably behind the back of the wearer without a clothesline's worth of excess. Alternatively, the strings may be precisely long enough to wrap around the waist once and knot at the belly button. A rough average between these two lengths is unacceptable. 

Good news, Goldilocks. We have found our perfect porridge!

Cute, right? These aprons are from Forshee Designs on and they are awesome.

Bright, modern, custom fabrics, sizes that make sense for growing kids (none of this fits ages 2-12 nonsense), adjustable velcro neck straps, and perfect tie-length set these lovelies apart in our drawer full of cast-offs. Check them out in action. 


  1. I've been hinting to my husband that I want a cute apron...hopefully he's picked that hint up! Not sure what else to do...I've sent him links, images..teehee!

  2. Sounds like you've laid the groundwork, lol. Good luck! I am slightly apron obsessed. I hope you get the one you're wishing for very soon :)

  3. You all look so great in them! Thanks for posting about my aprons! I'll link this up to my Facebook Fan page today!

    1. We really do love them, April. Thanks again!