Thursday, September 13, 2012

25 Kid-Friendly Nut-free Lunchbox Sandwiches

School is in full swing which means I'm spending my evenings packing up bento boxes and washing out Snack Taxi bags. 3 kids times 170 school days equals 510 lunches. That's just this year! But hold onto your whole wheat, people, my kids are finally embracing the sandwich. This opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities for us. And I admit it. Placing a neatly wrapped sandwich in a lunchbox like a normal parent, knowing that in all likelihood it will be (partially) eaten by one of my children, by their own free will, is nothing short of spectacular.
By now you're probably more familiar than you ever wanted to be with our nut-allergy issues, but like it or not, we're not the only ones going peanut and/or completely nut-free at school this year. If you're in need of some nut-free sandwich spread ideas, look no further than my list here. Or if you're staring aimlessly into the fridge wondering what to pack your brood for lunch tomorrow, read on.
#2 Sunbutter and apple on a cinnamon raisin Bagel Thin
First, let's talk bread. There's a whole wide world out there beyond whole wheat. Sometimes jazzing up a boring old turkey and cheese sandwich requires nothing more than a toasted cinnamon raisin Bagel Thin and a few apple slices. How about any one of these?

#1 Cream cheese, strawberry jam, and fresh, sliced strawberries
25 Kid-Friendly Nut-Free Lunchbox Sandwiches
  1. Cream cheese, strawberry jam, and fresh sliced strawberries
  2. Sunbutter and sliced apple (or for a dessert version, use Biscoff Spread)
  3. Sunbutter and banana
  4. Roasted Pepita Honey Butter and jelly 
  5. Roasted Pepita Honey Butter and pear slices
  6. Ham, pineapple slices, and cream cheese
  7. Chocolate SoyNut Butter and fresh raspberries (try it on a toasted croissant)
  8. Hummus, cucumber, and feta cheese
  9. Turkey, goat cheese, and cucumber slaw
  10. Turkey, cheese, and apple slices (nice on a cinnamon raisin bagel)
  11. Ham, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard
  12. Turkey, hummus, feta, and sprouts
  13. Tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella
  14. Brie, pear slices, and honey
  15. Edamame hummus, Havarti, and thinly sliced carrots
  16. Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes, and a sprinkle of pepitas
  17. Apple butter and cheddar cheese (yummy on raisin bread)
  18. Smashed black beans, avocado slices, and Monterey Jack (or keep the black beans intact and mash the avocado)
  19. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber slices
  20. Sliced hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese, and sliced tomato
  21. Shredded chicken, Sunbutter mixed with honey and soy sauce, and shredded carrots
  22. Pumpkin butter, Sunbutter, and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds for crunch
  23. Chocolate cream cheese, banana, and shredded coconut
  24. Sliced chicken, avocado, shredded lettuce and queso fresco
  25. Turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato with guacamole spread
I'm using this list as a jumping off point but the combinations are really endless. Mix, match, and experiment and let me know when you hit on a winner. I'd love to keep broadening our sandwich repertoire.
#8 Turkey, goat cheese, and cucumber slaw


  1. Wow! I'll be referring to this for my school lunches too. Thanks (and thanks to your guinea pigs too... I mean, your kids!)

  2. Definitely using this list...don't have kids but I start school next week!

    1. Great! I'm glad I'm not the only adult who enjoys sunbutter and apple sandwiches :)