Sunday, February 21, 2010

Phlegm Fest 2010

We had a good run going for a while there but the runny noses returned with a vengeance this weekend.  You know the oozy, droozy, constant flow that leaves that little divot between upper lip and nose (philtrum - if anyone's wondering) chaffed and raw.  We've got it here times three.  Sure there are worse fates than the common cold but the frequent gagging that accompanies Roo's runny nose is not helping our cause at all.  He's lost a few ounces and we can't seem to keep him properly hydrated because he coughs and chokes while drinking or immediately afterward. 

So I'm wondering, does anyone else have a phlegm gagger?  Is this a common kid thing or are we just especially fortunate in the vomit department?  If it's not one thing it's another it seems...


  1. I can't say we have experience with phelgm gagging. As far as hydration, we have had zero luck giving them pedialyte. That stuff must taste awful. I have tried popsicles and that seems to work. They also have pedialyte popsicles, but we've never tried that. Good luck.

  2. Anthony still vomits everytime he gets a cold. He is a gagger, and gags on everything. He also doesn't like to eat or drink at all when he has a cold so it's a double whammy. I don't think it's that common in daughter has never thrown-up from having a cold or cough. So sorry you are dealing with's like one step forward, 2 steps back. *sigh*. I don't have any suggestions, but it does get better as they older.

  3. Kevin, I agree - pedialyte must be part rat poison judging by the reaction I get when it's offered. Popsicles work for Calla but I'm not sure Rohan will go for them at least in any sort of volume, maybe a few licks here and there. You've got me thinking, however, that maybe sorbet would be good. Hmm...

    Maria - I'm sorry that Anthony is such a gagger too but must admit it's nice to have company. Looking forward to the pre-teen years...has anyone ever said that before? LOL!