Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucy's at Starbucks

Since my daily trek for coffee is absolutely required to avoid fits of foot-stomping, hair-pulling, and whining - all mine of course, my children are intimately familiar with Starbucks.  They frequently flop a shopping bag over one arm and scamper toward the front door asking me for my coffee order in our version of play shopping.  Looly whips up grande non-fat lattes and triple caramel machiattos on the pink plastic kitchen stove.  Bean and Roo know no greater object with which to whither away fifteen blissful minutes in the stroller than a green plastic splash guard.  Yeah, we're regulars. 

As the kids have grown, they're no longer satisfied with Mom's coffee run being just for Mom.  They've come on strong with ever-increasing demands of their own. 

Looly: "I want a vanilla milk."
me: "You just had milk."
Looly: "Can I get a scone?"
me: "Do you know what a scone is?"
Looly: "No."
me: "Why do you want one if you don't even know what it is?"
Looly: "I'm dying to find out!"

How can I resist such reasoning? And honestly, who am I to argue with my Starbucks Black Card in pocket and steaming cup in hand?  So imagine my delight that Starbucks is now offering a selection of milk-, egg-, nut-, and gluten-free cookies!  They're called Lucy's and they're not half bad.  The cookies are a bit crisp, so Roo just sucks on his more than actually eating it.  The real beauty is that now I can satisfy the girls with "Starbucks snacks" and not worry about who left theirs in the stroller, or who dropped crumbs that might migrate to Roo's mouth somehow.  He can scavenge for bits and pieces all he likes and it's perfectly safe.

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  1. I am so excited about this! It would be wonderful to be able to take Anthony somewhere and get him something to eat as a treat. I will have to check out our Starbucks to see if they carry them. Thanks for the report.