Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week in Review

Happy Valentine's Day!

We boasted a relatively successful week.  Tacos, pork chops, and pork/tofu fried rice all received glowing reviews from the articulate members of the family.  The little ones took bites so I take that as two additional thumbs up.  The lemon-dill halibut was popular with the adults, but Looly refused to touch hers.  Looly ate a few bites by force and Roo protested the best way he knows how, by vomiting his back onto the table.   

I'm proud to report that in the continuing effort to expand our allergy-free horizons, I whipped up a hefty pot of vegan potato leek soup last night.  It was pretty good, though I did add some grated Parmesan and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce for the grown-ups.  Fortunately Looly can't read this because I told her it was cheese soup since she doesn't like potatoes.  She stirred in some broccoli and claimed it was just like Panera.  Uh, thanks.  I think. 

Tonight I made falafel and tabouleh which went over better than I anticipated with the kiddos.  Looly actually liked the tabouleh and ate some of her falafel.  Bean, my carb girl, loved her pita bread and Roo choked down most of one whole falafel and a few diced tomatoes.  The big hit, however, was the chocolate fondue for Valentine's Day dessert! 

Still on tap for this week...barbecue chicken, pasta with meatballs, turkey burgers, and one of my favorite (easy!) standbys, rotisserie chicken with ginger-salt dip, edamame, and brown rice.

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