Thursday, May 13, 2010


I came home yesterday to the kids playing "throw up".  Each of them had their own infirm stuffed toy and a bowl.  They took turns making wretching noises while Baby Iris, Broby, and Elmo hung their weary heads over their bowls and presumably hurled.  Then, Looly, Bean, and Roo dutifully carried the imaginary contents to the toilet where they dumped it and rinsed out their bowls in the sink.  This kept them enraptured for half an hour at least. 

So it only made sense that after all of my rejoicing on the dairy trial results, Roo threw up his real dinner last night.  He ate well and even fed himslef about half his plate - turkey meatballs, elbow macaroni pasta (egg-free of course) in butter and ground flaxseeds, and buttered corn (Looly's choice of vegetable last night). 

To celebrate I gave the kids chocolate chips for dessert.  They've had the same dairy-free chocolate chips lots of times but typically I buy the mini-chips.  This time the grocery store was out of mini's so I picked up a bag of regular sized chocolate chips - still dairy-free mind you.  Wrong decision.  Roo gagged on a chip, spit it out, followed by the entire contents of his stomach. 

I'm positive it had nothing to do with dairy and was just another inevitable event in the world of reflux and oral delays but still.  The sad truth is when it happens my mind is not really on my poor suffering, vomiting child.  Instead I'm silently calculating the caloric value of each heave as it exits his body.  Last night, 300 calories at least.  Ugh.

Oh yeah.  The cat threw up yesterday too.  Special thanks to Vivi for cleaning up that one.

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  1. UGGHHH...I am sorry hon. This would happen to Anthony all the time. Totally sounds like a sensory issue with the chocolate chips. Anthony never ate any of his allergens, and still will puke on occasions. Hang in there. It will definitely get better.