Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Record Week

After much anxious breath holding and hand wringing, I am officially ready to declare Roo's dairy trial....a SUCCESS!!  He's been eating dairy laden foods for a few weeks now and appears to be suffering absolutely no ill effects.  Pizza, ice cream, cream cheese on toast, real yogurt, cream sauce, cereal with milk, and anything with "natural flavoring" have been making regular appearances on his plate.  I am ecstatic.  I'd consider buying a cow to tie up in the backyard but our town probably has an ordinance against that. 

Roo's horizons have been broadened exponentially and whether he realizes it or not, he's eating a little more.  Granted eating more includes handfuls of goldfish crackers, cheese puffs, and these strange sugar yogurt crisp things - the cumulative nutritional value of which I am sure sums zero, but still, he's chewing food and swallowing it.  Victory is sweet. 

In fact, I hesitate to write it for it seems every time I do we begin to regress once more, but our baby scale has been creeping up.  Roo had three new weight records this week!  The ultimate was a reading of 20 pounds, 12.5 ounces last night.  Yes he chugged some water, ate a good dinner, and then drank a couple ounces of milk, but you know my theory.  We're all about extremes.  I don't care how he got there.  He got there.  A few more ounces and we'll be staring 21 pounds down the barrel. 

And no, I still haven't called the doctor to figure out our next steps but I think I'll wallow in the glow of this moment for just a little longer before I do.

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