Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My latest beef...

Roo's latest EoE scope results are in and it appears that "good" news we've been hoping for will have to wait for another week.  The eosinophils are still in full force.  Actually, they've reduced ever so subtly in the mid-esophagus but are thick as ever in the distal esophagus.  So, essentially we took dairy out of his diet (again) for seven weeks, sedated the kids, stuck a camera down his throat and now we know....absolutely nothing more than we did seven weeks ago.

Maybe milk isn't the culprit after all?  Or it's not the only one?  Maybe there's a new allergy?  Or allergies?  We have no idea.  We're no closer to an answer but it does help explain why Roo continues to vomit regularly.  There's still the lingering possibility of beef, but everyone I mention it to starts talking to me like I'm pushing a shopping cart down the highway wearing a bird carcass on my head. 

I am getting a thorough education in the ways my own body manifests stress...pimples, inexplicable exhaustion, my own GI trouble of which I'll save the gory details, living in gym clothes without venturing anywhere near the gym, constant overwhelming urge to drink milkshakes, and infrequent showering have all become par for the course because when you look good, you feel good.  

The polyp biopsies have been sent to a different lab for pathology.  We wont have them until Monday.  Until then all I really want to do is drink wine, eat chocolate, and sob quietly whenever the mood strikes.  Should be another stellar weekend.

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