Saturday, November 6, 2010

Same day. Different hospital.

Sooooo...let's just say things didn't go exactly according to plan yesterday.  We started out well enough with Roo and I both surprisingly chipper to be up well before dawn.  He was a regular bundle of cotton candy and kisses, spotting city buses with a commuter's precision, singing endless verses of The Wheels on the Bus, practically bursting the seems of his blue stripey pj's and woolen winter hat with incomparable cuteness.  It wasn't until we neared the hospital 30 minutes away that he started to wane.

"I want my Kaloo." 

Oh crap.  Kaloo.  Imagine my horror at realizing mere moments from IV insertion, that I had forgotten Roo's beloved Kaloo bunny at home.  I mean, we don't go to the grocery store without Kaloo.  Surgery?  Are you kidding?

Somehow we made it through the procedure but it wasn't pretty.  He had a rougher time coming around from the anesthesia than I've grown accustomed to, and the fact that he was hacking like a seal and spewing bloody saliva afterward didn't help matters.  That hadn't happened before. 

The immediate results from the scope were mediocre at best.

Good news: the GI doc performing the scope did not see evidence of furrowing or white plaques that were spotted last time.
Bad news: There's a polyp in Roo's esophagus and he has no idea what it is.

Obviously we won't know anything definitive until the biopsies are back late next week.  Until then, we wait.

Having conquered the beast that is toddler surgery, Mufasa and I were all too happy to turn into bed early to face the polyp issue with clear heads in the morning.  Our sweet dreams were soured, salted, and stewed at 2:30 am when Roo awoke barking, sobbing, vomiting, and gasping for air.  I've experienced the Stridor of Croup a few times in this motherhood stint but this was different.  The kid couldn't catch his breath, his stomach was sucking in so far in with every breath I swear I was seeing his spine.  He was throwing up and choking.  Then his lips started getting a little blue.  Off to the ER.

Two breathing treatments, a second IV in 24 hours, plenty of steroids, more vomiting, 2 rectal temps, and 4 and a half hours later we came home.  He's bruised, coughing, exhausted, and covered in medical tape he won't let us peel off, but as usual, still smiling.  So hoping tonight is less eventful.


  1. We heard a little about this on saturday. I wish I could come over & help you guys out, what a rough few days! Bart has had that severe croup before & it's scary. Sounds like your allergist was on to something with the asthma, unfortunately. I'll call you later this week, hang in there...

  2. Thanks, it was scary. He's doing better now - nasty runny nose and cough but no more Stridor. Seems it was probably just an unfortunate coincidence that it happened on surgery day. Still keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't have asthma but at the rate we're going it seems unlikely.