Thursday, November 4, 2010

Zoo pals to the rescue

At the urging of our new allergist, Roo's MedicAlert bracelet has been ordered.  It's supposed to help protect him in the event of an anyphylactic emergency, among other possible catastrophes.  Basically, we spent $30 on a mesh strap decorated with zoo animals.  He's supposed to wear it on his wrist at all times.  Engraved on it are the words SEVERELY ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS. Egg and Milk Allergy. And a 1-800 phone number for the MedicAlert hotline.  So that's all great and everything, but what are the chances he keeps it on in the first place?  And call me a cynic but in the event of a true emergency, as he's wheezing, swelling, and gasping for air, who pray tell, with the possible exception of a well-seasoned paramedic team, is going to think, oh, what a cute bracelet!  I should see if there's any info about this kid's medical history engraved on it.  Anyway, I ordered one.  Marketing ploy to play on parents' worst fears is highly effective. 

We've been busy on other fronts as well.  Pre-op physical - check.  RAST blood draw - check.   Four vials of blood in exchange for a stuffed animal camel.  And alas tomorrow's the big day for scope #5.  That's all for this week.  The little ninja gets a brief reprieve next week, then we're back to 3 a week allergist appointments for patch testing.  And so it goes.  I'll post scope results when we have them next week.

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  1. My son has the standard metal chain bracelet from MedicAlert and has worn it since he was 9 months old. He can’t take it off himself. If keeping the mesh the one on becomes a problem or he hates that it stays wet when he washes his hands, the standard metal one might work better since they can’t take it off themselves nor does it stay wet. We pointed out that there is a snake on the logo of it, which to my little guy is pretty cool. Good luck with tomorrow's scope.
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