Friday, March 23, 2012

Two 4-year-olds

Bean and Roo celebrated the big 0-4 last week with a several days-long extravaganza that included a fun-filled visit from Nana and Grampy.

 60 pink and green sprinkle-laden egg-free, nut-free cake pops to share with their classmates.

Note Looly's tragic "why does everybody else get a birthday but me" look in the background.
An epic trip to the water park, and yes, Nana and Grampy went down the slides too!

Tons of presents including multiple princess dresses for you know who. And since I forgot the oil and our room had no mixing bowl or mixer, one decadently improvised-on-vacation egg-free, nut-free, candy-covered chocolate birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Bean and Roo! I am exhausted.

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