Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travels with Roo

Please excuse my absence. We had a busy March!

Our trips to a Wilderness Territory in Wisconsin Dells to celebrate Bean and Roo's 4th birthday, spring break in Albuquerque, and a few house guests of our own left me playing catch up for a while. But, I'm back, and happy to report that our travels were once again, pretty darn successful! Maybe we're getting the hang of this traveling with food allergies business.

Our trip to Albuquerque marked our first family air travel since Bean and Roo were in infant carriers. We've been avoiding it for a lot of reasons.  Roo's nut allergy, lack of overwhelming desire to get on a plane with three small children, the fear of wet underwear, or worse, at 10,000 feet from a mostly-potty-trained child, and the sheer expense of five, count 'em, five plane tickets have kept us in travel by car mode for some time. 

But, this March we faced our fears and took a trip to visit my sister and her family in Albuquerque.  Aside from one intense meltdown at boarding time from Roo, who developed a complete and utter phobia of flying shortly before our trip, the flight was relatively painless. In fact, Roo's outburst somehow landed him a starring role on our flight as he got to assist the flight attendants by handing out pretzels. The kid even got a goody bag to take home. Did I mention he wailed hysterically for the first 15 minutes on the plane? Because he did. Only on Southwest. Here's Roo in all his glory.

Looly, Bean, and Roo had a super time playing with their cousin, having tutu-enhanced dance parties, looking for cacti, going to the zoo, the park, and experiencing their first real mountain. Yes, they are true Midwesterners. A trip to the top of Sandia Mountain was a definite highlight of the trip. 

Overall, we're becoming more mobile.

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