Monday, May 14, 2012

Little House Party

Looly's 6th birthday is coming up later this week. I'll spare you the where has the time gone gush since truth be told, it hasn't been all hugs and rainbows. Sure she's decent kid now but I still haven't forgiven her for four months of colic. Or the Northwest Airlines diaper incident of 2006. She knows what I'm talking about.

Despite our rocky start, I've grown rather fond of the little moppet in recent years. And she has had some kick ass birthday parties, including last year's Little House on the Prairie Pioneer Camp Out.

Tin cup party favors, bonnets, and covered wagon models for all!
Fresh squeezed lemonade. Ma would have remembered to take the tags off the bottoms of the cups
I wore that pink dress as a flower girl in a wedding in the early 1980's and my grandmother sewed the red and gold number for my sister in the 1970's. That's right, baby. Vintage. Nana picked up the bonnets at an Amish market.
Sullen prairie girl. You'd think we made her live in a dugout.
Making beeswax candles

Setting up for the water pail relay. Girls v. Boys
Camping safety debriefing with Pa

Tent-pitching chaos
The frosting is tinted with a raspberry juice. No artificial dyes in LHOTP!

Looly Ingalls Wilder
This year she's doing it up with a baking-themed art party. Try not to fall off the edge of your seat in anticipation. Happy almost 6th birthday, Looly. Thanks for learning to use the outhouse.


  1. so so cute!! and that cake def looks yummy!!

  2. Thanks, Anjali. This was such a fun party. Who knew kids hauling water back and forth could be so much fun?! We're making the camp out an annual tradition so when your little man is a tad older, he might need to come over and carry a bucket or two :-)