Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week

And of course, a very Happy Mother's Day too!

In what was to be a most apropos kickoff of Food Allergy Awareness Week, the kiddos (with a little help from Mufasa) prepared me a lovely Mother's Day breakfast.
Yup, that's a sun dried tomato and feta omelet with fresh pico de gallo, berry fruit cup, hot coffee, and they did not overlook my propensity for carbs with a croissant and toast.
Roo chopping feta
Looly slicing kumquats for the fruit salad
Bean cracking eggs for my omelet

Roo's turn for egg-cracking
And then...

The photos don't do the hives justice since when he first started reacting I was much too busy overreacting to snap photos. The single drop of Benadryl we got him to drink did little to remedy the situation since it, along with a cup of freshly chewed fruit salad, ended up all over his shirt. Once I was fairly certain we wouldn't be celebrating Mother's Day in the emergency room, I managed to document the event for the allergist.

In retrospect we should have known better but this was his first time reacting to touching egg. He didn't actually ingest any at all.

Still, despite a few itchy spots, it turned out to be a tremendous Mother's Day. My kids, and their Dad, rock.

So like I said, Happy Mother's Day! And Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week! In our house you can't have one without the other.


  1. I'm glad you were able to avoid a ketchup feast ;-) (And an emergency room trip!)

  2. lol, Stephie, me too! On both accounts.