Friday, July 6, 2012

No Sprinkles on Top

We made frozen bananas this week. They were fun and tasty and overall things were going great until Roo tried a couple of bites...
Exactly two bites in he started complaining that his stomach hurt. Ten seconds later he threw up his  dinner. Don't worry, I haven't lost my mommy vomit mojo. I caught most of it in my bare hands.

Ten seconds after that he was completely fine again and asked for a popsicle. No gagging, no stomach flu, no runny nose, nothing. So, clearly he's reacting to something, right?

This is at least the fifth time he has vomited after eating rainbow sprinkles, which would be incredibly useful information if he hadn't also eaten rainbow sprinkles a hundred other times and not reacted at all. What gives?!

Food dye intolerance? Before I get a verbal pistol whipping on the dangers of food dyes, I realize they are nutritional super-villains but honestly when your kid can't eat a normal egg-laced cookie at a party, sometimes skittles and lollipops are the way to go.

Now we're looking at Betty Crocker versus CK Jimmies (definitely not so good for Roo), comparing ingredient lists and studying up on Blue 1 dye verses Blue 1 Lake. And of course, swearing off sprinkles for a while. Roo is not pleased.


  1. Wow, with your bare hands? I think super mom of the year is right here.
    But that must suck! I know lots of people with allergies, and some of them just develop them, even though they weren't allergic before. I think going off sprinkles for a while is a good plan

    1. He has me well trained on the regurgitation front. I know the look in his eye before he even knows it's going to happen lol! Yes, swearing off sprinkles for a while seems prudent. Wish we could figure this out!