Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Countdown to GI

Roo goes to the GI specialist this Friday.  So much for our 6 week challenge.  It seems we have failed miserably yet again.  He has gained a measly eight ounces in the three months since his last endoscopy and boy did we work for it!  We were doing so well there for a couple of weeks but as usual it's three steps forward, two steps (sometimes many more) back. 

He is twenty pounds.  Exactly twenty pounds.  Did I mention he'll be two next week?  All I'm hoping for now is a small, but acceptable, increase in height, since we've been accused of stunting his growth.  Okay, maybe not "accused" persay, but I wish they'd stop bringing up his shortness as a concern.  I mean, have they looked at Mufasa and me?  And technically, he is on the chart for height.  Nothing wrong with third percentile.  Nothing at all.  Besides, his pants look a little shorter, though they're gaping at the waist more than ever.  Thank goodness for adjustable waistbands or he would be sporting a wardrobe full of dresses and tunics.  At least they'd match Looly's sparkly shoes he loves so much. 

In a final effort to plump him up an ounce or two before the big weigh-in I've been focusing on some old favorites this week.  Pasta with turkey bolognese, rotisserie chicken drenched in dairy-free margarine, dairy-free mini-chocolate chips, heavily "buttered" rice, avocado in what else, olive oil dip, and strained raspberry coconut milk yogurt with scoops of soy formula stirred in.  Anyone care to join us for dinner?

Chicken pot-pie earlier this week was a hit.  As it turns out, Pillsbury ready-made pie crust is vegan and nut-free.  Very exciting news in our house.  I put it all on the line last night, however, with some citrus mahi mahi that was not well-received by anyone under age four.  Tonight it's lamb tagine, but I will safely serve plenty of oily couscous and buttery broccoli on the side.  In case of an emergency I have some meatballs at the ready in the freezer.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We have 45 hours and counting to give it our all and keep that dreaded feeding tube at bay.  Chants, vibes, wishes, prayers - whatever you've got to encourage "no more vomit!" are greatly appreciated.


  1. I am thinking of you guys today and sending tons of prayers and positive vibes your way. You are doing amazing. Keep us posted.

  2. How did the appointment go on Friday -- What criteria does the doctor expect Rohan to meet?
    Notice I set up a google account in order to post comments finally ? :)