Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reflux too?

The somach flu, sloppy and violent as it was, went as quickly as it came, with Looly its lone victim.  She was a trooper.  Countless hours of PBS, snuggles from Nana and Grampy who were visiting, and a get well soon balloon surely sped along her recovery.  I'm still trying to figure out how Bean didn't succomb, given the sheer number of times she reached her hands into Looly's stainless steel throw up bowl.  Nice.  While Roo struggles, her immune system is ironclad.

Thrilled as I am the Roo didn't get sick, I'm now on a quest to figure out why (why oh why!) he won't stop throwing up.  He's off the suspected allergens (milk, eggs, nuts, beef) and the improvement was been dramatic in the past three months.  He is more active, more comfortable, more enthusiastic about coming to the dining table and generally jollier than he ever was before.  All good, right?  His clean scope in November indicated that he was indeed on the mend.  So why the heck won't he eat, keep his food down, and by all means, gain some weight? 

He ate a great dinner Friday night, drank a super cup of fortified soy formula, got in his pajamas, brushed his teeth, read stories, threw up vast quantities of soy milk, hotdog, veggies, and rice for a few minutes, then was perfectly happy to get his pj's changed and head off to bed.  Repeat the scene Sunday night with chicken, broccoli, and french fries.  I am so frustrated.  Is he still allergic to something or is it *just* gagging from the oral sensory delay? 

Or is it reflux?  He does not seem uncomfortable until the moment before he vomits.  As I'm sure I've made abundantly clear, he does not love to eat, but he does not seem uncomfortable while he's eating anymore either.  In general it's in the evening, after dinner, while drinking or soon after drinking and by some evil twist of fate, he's much more likely to vomit after a good meal than a poor one.  Vomit.  Everywhere.  Then, he's off to get a towel to clean up after himself (breaking my heart), and happy to change his clothes, go play, take a bath, go to bed, or whatever else is planned.  I know it's not a behavioral vomit.  He's not doing it to avoid anything.  Crying makes it worse - or more likely to happen.  A runny nose is our worst enemy (after peanuts and eggs).  I am so confused.  And so tired.  Ugh.

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