Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November Social Calendar

Roo had the pleasure of a 3 hour appointment with his new allergist this week.  She seems qualified and knowledgeable, she pricked his back 32 times and injected various poisons looking for hives...the usual.  We didn't test for nuts to avoid another exposure but he's still very positive for eggs - both yolks and whites but no new culprits appeared on the prick test, so that's positive.  That and he didn't throw up even while the nurse and I pinned him to the table, pricked his back and forced him to lay face down in a puddle of his own snot for 20 minutes.  On the other hand, now she has me freaked out that he probably has asthma too. 

Still to come this month...

- Pre-op physical with the pediatrician
- Surgury (5th Upper Endoscopy to date to check for eosinophils since re-eliminating milk)
- Blood draw for RAST for peanuts and tree nuts
- Allergist (patch test application)
- Allergist (patch test removal)
- Allergist (patch test evaluation - all separate appointments, of course)
- Flu-shot testing
- And eventually, we hope, one flu shot, rather than the series of 4, but remains to be seen.

Can barely wait to see what's on tap for December!


  1. Poor little guy. Skin testing is the worst some days, but for us the RAST testing has always been more traumatic. Good luck with the upcoming surgery.
    Allergy Mum -

  2. Yeah that's a lot for one month, yikes. I think you need another au pair, I'm not sure how you manage all those appointments & still keep up with the girls' schedule too!
    Why does she think he has asthma?

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies! We got through the RAST blood draw with a few tears...the asthma, I don't know. He's at high risk given his other allergic conditions and he coughs sometimes when he's playing hard. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on that one.