Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Day

Barring any unforeseen, or, since big sister is infected with some sort of hack-inducing bug, foreseen complications, Roo's long awaited 5th scope is tomorrow morning at 7 am sharp.  So, in order of preference, my wish list goes something like this:

1. No more polyp or other strange masses
2. Assuming wish #1 doesn't work out, polyp biopsy comes back negative for anything truly nasty (assuming they remember to take one this time grr....!)
3. EoE scope is clean (i.e. no allergy cells in the esophagus)
4. No emergency room visit tomorrow night
5. Massive rapid weight gain over next several months
6. Successful reintroduction of dairy in 6 months or so followed by...
7. Outgrowing of additional current allergies and no new ones ever

They reminded me that I have to bring him his own juice to drink in recovery since the standard offering is apple juice.  Even on The Island of Misfit Toys we're misfits.


  1. I'll be thinking of you and your family tomorrow. At least someone bothered to remind you about the juice.

  2. Good luck today Amy...I am thinking of you guys.

  3. Your son is in our prayers that everything goes well for his today.
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